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Raising Finance

Owners of commercial properties have inevitably invested large sums of money to acquire the property.  This may have been money raised through business profits and often by some form of commercial borrowing.

Such borrowing needs to be monitored closely by property owners as circumstances can change meaning it might be in your interests to revisit that financing or even to raise finance for the first time.

You may be moving banks or negotiating improved terms for your borrowing.  Often, finance will be raised to funds other purchases of property or assets, or to raise additional capital for your business.  The availability of finance can be crucial to your business plans so it is vital you have a commercial lawyer on your side to deal with the requirements of your chosen lender.

The lender will often require ‘security’ which is the term used for the assets that they are entitled to sell to raise funds in the event that you are unable to repay the borrowing.  That security will often include your commercial premises and we have a depth of experience dealing with lender requirements for this type of security.

Having dealt many times with most of the major commercial lenders, our commercial property team have essential knowledge of the requirements and procedures of those institutions.  This enables us to identify issues early and resolve any matters that could become an obstacle to obtaining your finance.

When the required security is not limited to commercial premises you can rest assured that we also have specialist knowledge in other forms of security such as charges against the assets of a company (Debentures), personal guarantees and package of mixed security.

Our commercial property team aim to be there to guide you through these essential processes in a fast and professional manner.  By calling our New Enquiries team on 0800 0271452 you can arrange to speak with one of our specialists in commercial finance today.