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Buy To Let Solicitors

Keeping your hard earned money in a shoe box under the bed or in a low rate current account clearly will not help that sum grow.  Unless your money is growing at a rate that beats inflation then your money is actually shrinking.

There are any number of different types of investment available but if you decide your money is most likely to grow if it is invested in commercial property then our team of expert commercial property lawyers are definitely the right people to tackle the legal process and bring you to your goal of commercial property ownership.

A successful investor in commercial property will receive growth on their capital sum and also income whilst they own that property.  It can be a worthwhile investment provided any potential issues are identified at an early stage and you receive practical advice relating to the property.

The income part of the investment will usually come from tenancies.  You might be purchasing a property that is already partially or fully occupied by tenants or an empty property that you intend to let out to tenants.  If you are purchasing with existing tenants then you will need to be sure that the tenancy agreements are robust and to identify any issues that could lead to a reduction in the likely income and overall investment value.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the investment property purchaser and check the tenancy documents thoroughly, looking out for the issues that are relevant to you.  A tenant with a 10 year lease might seem to be a good long term prospect but if you have failed to spot a break clause that will enable that tenant to leave in two years then you might end up with an empty property.  Rather than making income the property starts to cost you money.  If property advised you can plan for any such events as you will be aware when they might occur. 

The path to successful property investment begins with the appointment of the right lawyer.  Have a closer look at the experience of our commercial property team and you will see that Martin Tolhurst Solicitors is the right starting point for your investment plans.