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Leasing Business Premises

The majority of business premises, particularly for start up and established small businesses are leased.  This arrangement often works well for both property owners and business owners as it creates an income for property owners and enables small business owners to have premises without a large capital outlay.

The law relating to leases of business premises is well established but is always developing.  There are things that may not be said in the lease which can still affect you so it is important to let the Commercial Property Team at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors explain the lease in plain English.

Despite our preference for legal documents written in plain English, leases are more often than not long and complex and set out in a way that can be difficult to understand and interpret.

As a Landlord or Tenant what you need is to know what practical affect the lease has and how you will be affected.

Consider, for example, a single line in a lease that states ‘the Tenant shall keep the Property in repair’ seems to be an innocent eight word sentence that seems very straight forward.  But our experienced lawyers know that these eight words mean much more than that and overlooking this could be costly to you. Importantly we know how to explain it in a way that is relevant to you and your business.  Every business and property is different and the service we provide is to ensure the important things to you are our priority.

The speed of the transaction is vital.  Landlords want the rental income to start flowing quickly as an empty property is a costly property.  Business owners might be waiting to start trading or delaying an expansion so need the premises before profit can be made.  These factors are at the forefront of our thinking and getting the deal done remains our focus throughout.

If you are considering entering into a lease of commercial premises it is important to be well prepared.  There are many things to consider when you begin negotiating the main terms of the lease and failure to consider these items at the outset can make it very difficult to negotiate at a later stage in the transaction. What terms a tenant should negotiate with a Landlord for a new Commercial Lease?

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