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Buying Land for Development

Have you identified some land that you think will be perfect for development? You might already be aware that there are a number of issues and circumstances that could trip you up or affect the likely returns when you develop the land and sell or lease the building.  You need to identify and resolve these issues before making a firm commitment to buy the land.

Your next call should be to the Commercial Property department at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors.

You might be planning a development of houses or flats, offices or a warehouse.  Regardless of your vision for the final development we know the things to be looking out for from day one of the process.

Maybe there is a restriction that prevents development of a certain kind that appears on the property deeds, or an ancient agreement hidden amongst the papers that allows a neighbouring land owner to graze horses on the land.  You need to know before you commit to buy not when you are preparing to dig foundations.

We guide you through the conveyancing process with a specific focus on your development plans.  Tell us your vision and let us deal with the obstacles and prevent potential problems.

There are any number of different approaches to buying land for development so whether it is an option agreement, conditional contract or land exchange that works best, we have the expertise to bring your vision to fruition, or guide you away from land that is not suitable for your big plans.

For self builds, multiple homes or commercial developments, we aim to be the most important call you make for any kind of development.   Call our New Enquiries team on 0800 0271452 and arrange to speak with one of our development land experts today.