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Using the Small Claims Court Procedure

The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) govern how to bring a claim in the country court. If you have a dispute where the amount you are claiming is £10,000 or less your case would be allocated to the small claim track. The type of claims you can bring include (but are not limited to):

- Debt: someone (a customer or a personal acquaintance) owes you money

- A service has been carried out badly (e.g.a  builder has not carried out building works adequately)

- An item you have purchased does not work properly or does not match its online description

- Your tenant has not been paying their rent

- Your landlord has not carried out repairs (limited to £1,000)

Download our "Small Claims Court Procedure Guide" and learn more about how you can make and defend a claim.

Minerva Client Portal

We try to make using Minerva portal as easy and quick as possible. If you need assistance on how to create a portal account this useful video may be of help.

There is also a useful step by step guide that you can download as a printable PDF. Click here to view guide.

Green Habits

Going green isn’t something that only has to be done in our personal time. We can apply the concept of sustainability to every aspect of our life and everywhere that you go, and this includes our workplace too. There’s always something we can do that makes our work environment a little more earth-friendly.

If everyone in the UK wa able to recycle just one more drinks can, it would save enough energy to power an electric train from Leeds to Brighton (and back) 6,000 times

In fact, 95% less energy is used to make products from recycled materials than using raw materials!

In these 'Green Habits infographics' you will find more information and useful tips. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.
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