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Mignonette Ellis


Mignonette is a solicitor specialising in corporate and commercial matters.

Mignonette’s cases range from simple management buy outs and partnership agreements to complex acquisitions and disposals.

With experience in business and property matters, Mignonette can take a wider view of a transaction and identify fundamental actions to be undertaken and broader considerations.

Through working with small and medium businesses in different industries on a variety of distinctive deals, Mignonette offers a unique approach to the structure of a deal to best reflect the requirements.

Recent matters which Mignonette has dealt with include:

  • Disposal of a limited company with multiple shareholders and sale of freehold property.
  • Advising shareholders how to obtain a majority stake in a company and preparing the document to effect this.
  • Dealing with the retirement of a partner and amending the partnership agreement.
  • Advising shareholders of their rights and limitations.

As well as frequent Commercial Law articles, Mignonette has also featured on numerous occasions in the popular Law Net, Business First magazine. The e-magazine articles featuring Mignonette may be viewed below:

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Spring 2023 -

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What Mignonette says:

Some Case Studies of work Mignonette has undertaken

I enjoy working with businesses that are operated by the individuals or the families of the individuals who built the business into what it is when my services are required. The passion and familiarity with the business, its direction and culture enables plans to be put into action and goals achieved. To work alongside individuals who are invested in and dedicated to the project at hand is a great energy to work with.

Understanding my client’s vision and requirements are fundamental to providing the desired results, therefore I ensure that each client is given the time and attention that they need. I have been fortunate to work with different businesses with varying scales of complexity in their instruction. This diverse expose has provided a sturdy starting point to work with new matters to best implement unique and complex instructions.

If I were not a solicitor I would be:

A novelist.