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Everybody should make a Will – did you know that if you don’t make a Will then the law states who inherits your property and your money and it might not be who you want it to go to – it certainly wont be to an unmarried partner or your friends or your favoured charities, and in some cases it could all go to the Crown. And if you own anything jointly with somebody else then you might not even have a say where your share goes unless you have a properly drawn-up Will.

But your Will is not just about who-gets-what after you have died – it will also say who you want to be in control of sorting out your Will and your estate, who you want to look after and raise any young children you have, and even what type of funeral you want to have; it can even say who you do not want to inherit from your estate. And if you want to leave a specific item (like your jewellery) or a cash gift to somebody or to a charity then you must make a Will.

There is a lot to be considered when making your Will and you need a legal advisor that knows everything about the law to make sure your Will does what you want. Here at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors we have been advising clients for decades about making a Will and we have specialist solicitors that can advise and assist you so that your Will does exactly what you want it to do after you have died. Our expertise ranges from basic Wills through to highly complex tax-saving and protection Wills, and we have a range of highly competitive prices to match.

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