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Contentious Probate Solicitors

For many people challenging a Will is an extremely difficult decision to take, but is borne out of financial necessity.  When someone you have been financially dependent upon dies, and inadequate arrangements are made for you financially (or none at all) then you need to consider whether it is possible to make a challenge to the Will and seek financial provision for yourself, or your dependents.  It is often a difficult and emotional decision and we have specialist lawyers who can guide and advise you on all of the options that you have.  Challenging a Will is never likely to be a popular decision with everyone and you will need all of the support and assistance that we are used to providing.

To consider making a claim you have to be financially dependent, and be entitled to make a claim under the various categories of people stipulated in the law (the IFPDA 1975). There are strict time limits for making a claim so you need to ensure that you contact us as soon as you feel able, to discuss making a challenge.  Most claims need to be made within 6 months of the date of death.   If it is clear that you are able to make a claim you will then need guidance as to the best approach, and ensuring you maximise your chances of success.  

We can offer you a free initial meeting to help you explore your options for making a claim, and if you wish to pursue the matter we can then provide you with an estimate of legal costs that you may incur, and where appropriate give a fixed fee for our services.  We will seek to deal with the matter on your behalf ensuring that the personal contact element that many find so difficult is taken off your shoulders.  We can deal with relatives, solicitors or others that are administering the estate in lodging your claim and pursuing it on your behalf.  Many find it much easier once the claim has been put in the hands of a solicitor as the difficulty in dealing with others personally who are opposed to your claim is removed.

Contact us today for your initial free consultation to discuss your options.