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Power of Attorney Solicitors

Everybody should make provision for help with looking after their financial affairs or their general health care and welfare in case of an accident or illness – did you know that if this happens to you and you are unable to make a decision for yourself then your family are not legally entitled to access your money or give instructions on your behalf? How would you cope? How would your family cope? By making a Lasting Power of Attorney (known as an LPA) you can decide who will have access to your property and money to pay bills and take decisions on your behalf about your health and other medical matters.

There is a lot to be considered when making a Lasting Power of Attorney and you need a legal advisor who can guide and advise you to make sure the LPA confirms exactly what you want. Here at Martin Tolhurst we have been advising clients on LPAs and other types of Powers of Attorney for decades and we have specialist Private Client solicitors who can advise you fully and ensure that that you consider all of the important questions and make an LPA that reflects your exact requirements. This is a bespoke service based on your instructions so that you can proceed with confidence and have peace of mind. Our expertise ranges from helping you to make a power of attorney through to providing complex advice to your attorneys about what they are legally entitled to do on your behalf. We have a range of services that you can benefit from in this area and fixed, competitive prices to match.

You may be concerned that a relative needs an LPA and this is the best way for them to help organise their affairs going forward. We are happy to provide advice to you as to the process, cost and service needed so that we can start to assist your relative quickly.

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