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Probate Solicitors

The one certainty in life is death… It is a hard fact but dealing with an estate can be a daunting task. It is sometimes difficult to know where to start and there is a lot of paperwork to be sorted out, some of it can be quite urgent. And all at the worst possible time. 

Martin Tolhurst Solicitors has an experienced, approachable Probate team who specialise in guiding those dealing with an estate. We can help on all estates, big or small, complex or straightforward. There might be complicated matters to deal with such as closing down the deceased’s business, selling a property abroad, or responding to somebody who wants to challenge the Will for financial reasons. There are usually inheritance tax forms and paperwork to file as well as banks, building societies and utilities to sort out. These are all matters that we have vast experience of handling for the benefit of our clients. Our probate department offer a personal friendly approach with the aim of sorting matters for everyone, quickly and easily.  

Complex situations occur frequently and there are special rules to ensure that the estate is dealt with correctly and in accordance with the law. If you have to sort out a deceased estate there are a variety of duties and there can be tax penalties or even personal liability if matters are dealt with incorrectly. We can guide and advise you as to the best course of action. 

Here at Martin Tolhurst we have been advising families for decades about sorting out the estate of deceased family and friends and we have specialist solicitors that can advise and assist you. Our bespoke, expert service can assist you from confirming what the deceased’s Will says and means, through to applying for probate papers from the Probate Court. We can administer all estates and take the worry out of having to deal with the any complicated matters that can arise during the estate administration process. We have a range of bespoke services and can provide you with a competitive fees. Fixed fees are given in most cases. 

Call us today to make an appointment to let us help you and guide you through. View our Probate guide video below for more useful information to assist you.