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Debt Recovery Solicitors

You have carried out all of the work agreed, you have rendered your invoice, and then... silence.  Most businesses in the UK have unpaid bills and for small – medium sized businesses this can be critical for both cash flow and profit.  Large companies have credit control departments and personnel who deal with the matter for them but for small-medium sized business it is often the owners or senior managers who have to deal with unpaid bills.  This can be time consuming and ineffective.  

We have experience in dealing with business disputes including unpaid business debts.  It is important to take action quickly and strongly to maximise your chances of being paid in full.  If court action becomes necessary then you will need to pay a court fee in addition to the legal costs.  However you can seek to reclaim that court fee from the defendant together with statutory interest on the unpaid bill which currently runs at 8%.  In times of low interest rates this is one of the helpful factors in court proceedings, and persuading a buyer to pay quickly.  

As we are very experienced in dealing with unpaid debts to businesses we have a streamlined process that seeks to take the administrative and procedural burden off you so that you can concentrate on running your business.  We will deal with the other business and any solicitors that they appoint and keep you informed/take instructions from you when required.  

We are able to act on your behalf and deal with all of the process and procedures for a competitive fee.  In most instances we can give you a fixed fee so that you can have confidence that there will be no unexpected or untimely legal bills.  

Please contact us for your initial free consultation today so that you can start down the road of ensuring payment of the outstanding debt that is due to your business and give the burden of that to us so that we can help and support you and your business by acting quickly.