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Small Claims Court Solicitor

Solicitors can rarely represent any party in a small claims matter – a claim in the County Court for £10,000 or less. However our experienced disputes team can provide you with great value, fixed price, advice on any  aspect of the claim you need guidance or support on. Bringing, or defending, a small claim can be a daunting task and very time consuming.

Even if matters seem simple when the claim is made things can become complex fairly quickly. We can provide you with a free small claims pack, and if you need more detailed help on your individual case we can give you fixed price advice for an agreed part of the case. The court does not allow solicitors costs to be reclaimed in such cases but often a claimant or defendant find expert help from a solicitor to be invaluable in assisting them with the paperwork or arguments to be presented. 

Download here your free 'Small Claims Court Procedure' Guide.