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Landlords of Flats

As the owner of the freehold interest in flats (often referred to as ‘ground rents’) there are many instances where the representation of an expert lawyer will be necessary.

  • Has a leaseholder approached you about a lease extension or served a notice to exercise their right to extend the lease?
  • Do the leaseholders wish to collectively purchase the freehold from you or have served a notice to exercise their right to buy the freehold?
  • Are the leaseholders commencing a right to manage claim?
  • Do you wish to sell the freehold but need advice and assistance to navigate the right of first refusal available to the leaseholders?
  • Have you been asked to answer leasehold enquiries as one of the leaseholders is selling their flat?
  • Have you received any other notices from the leaseholders?

We have a depth of knowledge and experience dealing with these issues and more so we can be your first call when any of these matters occur.

We also advise clients investing in freehold interests which can often be found in auctions and occasionally on the open market.  It is vital that before committing to buy that you are aware of your responsibilities and obligations as the new landlord.  The Lease Extensions department at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors will investigate and advise you on all of the essential information before you purchase so you can have greater confidence in your investment.

Leasehold matters can be tricky to navigate so having a lawyer on your side that can guide you through these matters will help you to get the most from your investment with minimal hassle.

Call our New Enquiries team on 0800 0271452 to arrange to speak with one of our leasehold property experts today.