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Buying or Selling a Business

It might seem like a cliché to say businesses come in all shapes and sizes but it is remarkably true.  At Martin Tolhurst Solicitors we believe it is only the people who run those businesses that can really know them inside and out which is why we value the strong relationships we build with business owners.

By working with you, we can ensure that we fully understand what the business does and how that is achieved.  Our team of business lawyers have detailed knowledge of businesses across all sectors and adding that to your specific knowledge in your field enables us to offer you an effective service when buying or selling a business.

If you are buying an existing business then detailed investigation is required into the business that you are taking over.  You will become responsible for existing customers, contracts, equipment, premises and employees so it is important that these matters and more are considered by your lawyer before you take over responsibility for that business.  Your goal is to make a profit and that can be difficult an any circumstances so it is key to ensure that any risks attached to the business you are buying have been identified and dealt with before you buy.

Selling a business can be a big decision regardless of how long you have owned it and how big that business is.  You might have built the business from the first day of trading and whilst it might be an emotional decision, there inevitably comes the right time to sell the business.  The buyers will of course wish to investigate the business and we aim to guide you carefully through that process to ensure the necessary information is conveyed  to the buyer and importantly your liability beyond the completion date is minimised as far as possible.

Whether you are buying or selling a limited company or the assets of a business it is vital you choose a lawyer that understands the business and can deal efficiently with the sale process.  Business owners return to us on multiple occasions due to the manner in which we approach these transactions.  We are lawyers that understand business and once you have a conversation with us you will see why that is vital when choosing your business lawyer.

Check out our useful guide below:

Key stages of Acquisitions and Disposals of Businesses - PDF