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General Business Advice

We could list hundreds of frequently asked questions about starting or running a business.  Different business owners have different concerns at various points during their time in business and it is important to have a trusted adviser that you can speak to about those issues.  

We aim to provide you with clear, business focused advice on the issues that matter to you and your business.

It might be surprising to learn that approximately 95% of the businesses in the UK are classified as micro-businesses, employing 0-9 people.  That accounts for more than 4.5 million businesses in the UK.  These businesses are clearly key to the economy and to the everyday life of millions of citizens of the UK.

However these same businesses do not have the luxury of in-house teams of lawyers that they can call upon at any time to get advice on the issues that might be affecting that business on any given day. 

This is where we aim to bridge the gap.  Small businesses need to be cost conscious and manage cash flow carefully so we offer fixed price appointments with business owners or those wishing to start businesses.  This gives you the opportunity to speak with an experienced business lawyer about the issues knowing exactly how much that will cost beforehand.  

For those setting up a business for the first time, meeting with a business lawyer for a fixed cost is the perfect way to cover a range of issues that might be concerning you so you can go into your new venture feeling more confident that you are well prepared.  We will also be happy to offer suggestions of anything else you might need to consider before beginning your venture.

Meeting with us might prove to be one of the key decisions you make in business.