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Prenuptial Agreements Solicitors

Whilst it may not be the most romantic way of starting your married life, and whilst you may be reluctant to bring up the subject of a pre-marital agreement, a pre-nuptial (pre-marital) agreement can be seen as a practical step and an “insurance policy” in the event that your marriage breaks down. It is also possible to enter into an agreement after your marriage and this is known as a Post Nuptial (post – marital) agreement.  

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are often associated with the wealthy. However they can be particularly useful if:

  • You are a couple marrying for the first time and wish to keep assets owned prior to the marriage separate
  • You have already been through a divorce and want to avoid possible complication and legal costs in the future
  • You wish to preserve assets for your children 
  • You have business assets you wish to protect
  • You have inherited wealth 

The court is now much more likely to uphold either of these agreements that you and your spouse have entered into either before or after your marriage provided, amongst other things, you both entered into it freely, you understood each other’s financial positions at the time of the agreement and it is considered to be fair and reasonable.

The family team at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors can help you understand the key issues and provide advice on how best to come to an agreement with your partner. For further information call our New Enquiries team on 0800 0271452 to find out how we can help you.