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Sarah Begley

Cutting someone out of your will

  • Posted

Making will is an important life decision that could save your relatives a great deal of heartache once you’ve gone. You can express your wishes, designate who gets what, and that’s the end of it. Or is it? Law firm Nockolds reported that...

Who is entitled to an unclaimed estate?

  • Posted

First, what is an unclaimed estate? An unclaimed estate or unclaimed inheritance occurs when someone dies intestate, i.e. without leaving a will. It may also happen when an old will is in place and the person’s intended beneficiaries died. The general...

Are you liable for inheritance tax?

  • Posted

It’s a worrying thought that due to the rise in value of property in the UK, more people are finding that they may fall into the inheritance tax bracket. When dealing with the death of a loved one the last thing you would expect is an inheritance tax...