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Put local top of your shopping list!

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With small businesses struggling to cope, we’ve all heard the recent battle cry of “shop local”. Supporting other small businesses may just help your own business in these struggling times.

Treat yourself!

Whether it is a take away or scented candles ordered online or collected from store, buying local is the easiest way to support your community whilst rewarding yourself for getting through another day of pandemic life. Many local shops, pubs and restaurants have adapted to the ‘new normal’ by offering online ordering and click and collect options. With limited other options available for your free time at the moment, why not take full advantage of having local delivered to your door for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.

Shop Local

In addition to increasing your weekly treats, shopping local and independent is certain to support your community. Buying your weekly shop from your local butcher, green grocers and bakeries as an alternative to shopping at large supermarkets is a small change you can make that would make a huge difference. Brief research can help you identify the smaller independent stores which provide the items on your list that you may not be able to pick up in one place. Take advantage of the extra time you may have on your hands and get to know your community better.

Shout Outs

This does not cost a penny and only minutes of your time. Sharing posts on social media and positive reviews about local shops, restaurants and pubs can make a huge difference. Someone may choose to support your favourite local takeaway as opposed to a large chain based on your glowing review or bringing the existence of the establishment to their attention. Local and independent businesses do not always have access to the marketing that big chains do so it is easy to miss out on some hidden treasures and delicious local food.

Plan your Pamper

The looming uncertainty of when and for how long non-essential shops will open again has provided time to get the list of what you want when the time comes. In readiness for the glorious day of venturing to the barbers and salons, many businesses have the option to purchase vouchers. Buying gift cards and vouchers is a way to give immediate support and show your favourite businesses your appreciation and regard for their goods or services.

Remote Exercise

If walking to the local café to get a take away coffee is not the sort of exercise that appeals to you, you can sign up to various online classes to get your daily exercise at a time to suit you. With the closure of gyms, many personal trainers now offer online classes, and signing up to them can help support their business until you are able to get back in the gym with them.

Home Improvements

Working from home has its benefits and its downfalls. One downfall being that you cannot continue to ignore all the home improvements you have been putting off because you do not have the time. Whether it is small odd jobs that require a trip to the local hardware store, click and collect items or a larger project, the construction industry is still in operation.