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Liza Anderson- Trainee Solicitor (August 2022 - July 2024)

Trainee Solicitor Liza Anderson started her training contract with Martin Tolhurst Solicitors in August 2022 and is currently in her first seat with our private client team.

Trainee Solicitor Liza discusses why she chose to train with Martin Tolhurst Solicitors.

Where and what did you study at University before you were accepted for a Training Contract with Martin Tolhurst Solicitors?

I studied Law with the Open University, and then went on to study the LPC LLM with the University of Law in Guildford.

What work had you done before you started your training, including work placements and voluntary work? Did your work experience prove useful?

I worked for Martin Tolhurst Solicitors as a paralegal in the commercial department, and prior to that I was a new enquiries administrator for the firm.  Both of these roles provided me with a valuable insight into the setup of new cases, conduct and compliance issues and client focused administration tasks.  My time as a paralegal allowed me to put into practice practical legal knowledge and understanding I had gained whilst studying the LPC, whilst providing me with experience in using our case management system.

When and why did you decide to become a solicitor with Martin Tolhurst Solicitors?

In 2018 when I first started working for the firm my end goal was to become a solicitor with Martin Tolhurst Solicitors, once my university journey was complete and I had gained the necessary qualifications.

How did you get a place at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors and what did you do before?

I was working in a client focused role at an estate agents,  I was made redundant and saw the advertisement for new enquiries administrator for Martin Tolhurst Solicitors, realising it was a role that I could transfer my skills to and ultimately could lead to career development in the profession I was studying in my spare time -  I applied.

How long have you been a trainee and what seats have you held?

I have been a trainee for five months, I am currently undertaking my first seat in the private client department.

What does your typical day as a trainee solicitor look like?

I have a meeting with my Supervising Partner every morning, during which I am set tasks for the day and have an opportunity to discuss tasks I have completed.A typical day varies from attending client meetings with my Supervising Partner, drafting and amending documents, making applications, reviewing and responding to emails, and at the end of the day I update my Training Contract diary.

What training and support do you receive whilst being a trainee solicitor?

I have a meeting every morning with my Supervising Partner and I am often assisted by other fee earners within the department.  Everyone at Martin Tolhurst are very approachable and happy to assist.  There are regular department meetings and training webinars which I also attend.

What are the best bits about being a trainee at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors?

The staff – everyone is friendly and has an open door policy, which is crucial when you are a trainee.