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Matrimonial Solicitors welcome Budget Help on Domestic Abuse

In his first Budget as Chancellor, Phillip Hammond announced the Governments’ commitment to “support organisations working to combat domestic violence and abuse, and to support victims”. In his budget speech he said “I’m delighted to use the occasion of International Women’s Day, to announce that I will commit a further £20m of government funding to support the Campaign against Violence against Women and Girls”.

This commitment has been welcomed by organisations supporting victims of domestic abuse. Mumsnet founder, Justine Roberts said “More funding for organisations who provide a safe haven for survivors is crucial and with two women a week on average being killed by a partner or ex-partner in England and Wales, there are many lives at stake”.

The Budget announcement further reinforces the Governments’ commitment to tackling the domestic abuse with Theresa May directly overseeing work to develop the Domestic Violence and Abuse Act which is hoped to address the lack of clarity in existing laws and raising public awareness.

Our Matrimonial Solicitor, Nameeta Gujral who has helped numerous domestic abuse victims in recent years said, “It’s nice to see this innovative support - but we need more funding, public awareness and targeted help to make real progress on domestic violence funding.”

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