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Kent Solicitors Skydive for Sands

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Eight brave members of the Martin Tolhurst team have signed up to take part in a Charity Sky Dive and jump 12,000ft out of a plane this October to raise money for Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. This charity was voted decisively for by the firm as the charity of the year which provides bereavement support services for anyone affected by the los of the baby with a network of around 100 regional support groups in the UK which are run on a voluntary basis by people who have themselves experienced the death of a baby.

Not only will this be an absolutely amazing experience for each individual but also an incredibly courageous way to raise money for Sands.

This charity is held very closely to so many people’s hearts and we hope that the team can smash their targets with your support. Each of them have a big amount to fundraise of at least £395 so please dig deep in your pockets and donate whatever you can to show them your support!

Below are the links to their online fundraising pages.

Alicia Hollands in Sittingbourne -

Francesca Brogan in Gravesend -

Liza Anderson in Gravesend -

Lucy Skitt in Ashford -

Lorna Eve in Sittingbourne -

Leah Chambers in Sittingbourne -

Jessica Madgett in Gravesend -

Katie Shearn in our Sittingbourne office will be raising money offline.