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Firm gain ISO9001 accreditation

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Martin Tolhurst Solicitors recently completed a two stage assessment of the entire firm in May and June this year which lasted a period of 13 days.

Every single part of the business was reviewed and the assessors report and recommendation have now been delivered. It has been confirmed by the ISO Certification Board that the firm have been awarded the ISO 9001 accreditation.

This really is quite an achievement. Thanks was given to all the team who were interviewed by our assessor, Mr Kilbridge and to all of our senior managers who were instrumental in showing that the firm work to the required quality management standards.

To give this accreditation some context and for those who are not aware of the ISO9001, only 150 law firms (out of 11400 in England and Wales) have this accreditation. ISO9001 is recognised more by non-lawyer- businesses such as British Aerospace, Glaxo Smith Kline and Cap Gemini who are some of the top 100 UK businesses that have the same ISO9001 standard that Martin Tolhurst Solicitors have adhered to.  This accreditation really does put them a cut above the rest in the world of Law.



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    Congratulations on getting the ISO 9001 certificate.