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On Sunday 23rd of April a very brave group of six will be embarking on a Wing Walk for My Shining Star Children’s Cancer Charity.

This is not a walk while eating chicken wings as I previously thought when asked if I would like to join but instead we will be standing on top of a plane as it takes off, airborne flight for over 10 minutes and it's landing!

This unique fundraising will be in aid of our Charity of the Year, a charity voted for by all our teams at Martin Tolhurst Solicitors!

Many of us are privileged to be parents to our wonderful kids and realise that it’s only by luck that we are fortunate enough to have healthy children.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case for many families and children who go through heart breaking situations day to day when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Fundraising for this charity is a real eye opener at the significant impact cancer has on not only on the child diagnosed, but on the whole family.

The Charity is made up of  trustees are mainly volunteers that use their skills and expertise to make a difference. Their motto is, “it takes a village’ please help us to be part of that village.

The implications of a cancer diagnosis in a child is enormous and far reaching. There is often a huge emotional and financial impact on the whole family. Your money will allow My Shining Star to come alongside these families at this traumatic time. Please help me and donate whatever you can to support such a wonderfully important local Charity in Kent.

Just look what your donation could do for many families in need....

£5 - Could be put towards our hampers we take to the Royal Marsden at Christmas.

£10 - Would buy 2 lunches for a parent in a hospital canteen.

£20 - Could pay for fuel towards a hospital trip.

£50 - Could pay a bill that is in arrears due to a child having treatment.

£100 - Could help to pay for essential travel costs for parents visiting children at a cancer unit or hospital far from home.

£250 - Could buy a new washing machine, oven or bed for families unable to fund these costs.

£500 - Could help pay utility bills for a family unable to pay due to the lack of income while caring for their child.

£1000 - Could pay for a mortgage or rent payment for at least one month.

If you can help us in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. Our brave five are below and you can donate to thier just giving pages by simply clicking on any of thier links. Thank you.

 Liza Anderson -
Clio Davies -
Anthony Griggs -
Jake Lay -
Meena Rothwell -