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Tracey Lillis

Inheritance tax threshold frozen until 2026 - but why is IHT planning still important?

  • Posted

If you intend to leave savings, property or other assets to family or friends after you die, you need to consider inheritance tax (IHT). It could cost your heirs up to 40% of their inheritance. By planning ahead, you can minimise IHT and ensure as much of...

How do you include your favourite charity in your will?

  • Posted

It seems that people in the UK are a charitable bunch. In fact, last year, just under £3 billion was donated to charity in wills, which is expected to rise to £3.4 billion by 2022. This figure means that 3.5% of all of the money left in estates...

Mantain Social Distancing Whilst Creating a Will

  • Posted

Writing a Will at the moment comes with some extra complications, as the social distancing measures in place could make it harder to get a solicitor or to find someone to witness your Will. Experts are warning against self-directed videos following...