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Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Settlement Agreements, allow employers and employees to terminate the employment relationship on agreed terms preventing Tribunal claims by either party.  In order for Settlement Agreements to be valid and binding they must be ‘signed off’ by a lawyer with the employer paying the employee’s reasonable legal fees.

When we represent employees we take the termination of your employment seriously and we aim to obtain the best possible severance package for you. We will review the Agreement and advise you fully on the content and implications of the Agreement We tend not to just ‘rubber stamp’ Settlement Agreements but rather take you through the whole termination package focusing not just on the financial package but also the security of an employment reference which could pay dividends for future employment. 

When we represent employers, we want to ensure that your business is protected from claims as far as possible in the most cost effective way. We will seek to advise you on the potential claims and the practical way forward. The Agreement will be produced ensuring you are protected from potential future claims and that the specific terms of Settlement you require are included. We can deal on your behalf with any solicitors appointed by the employee.