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Maternity and Paternity Issues

Maternity and paternity rights have been extended over the last 10 years but what exactly are employees entitled to? With shared rights now enshrined in law many employees and employers do not know what the full statutory  rights are in this area. Our specialist team of employment lawyers can help you with any questions you may have on the following:

If you want to find out about your rights to paternity, maternity or adoption leave and pay you can call or e-mail our team of advisors.

How much leave and pay are you entitled to as a new mum or dad?

How will the paternity leave regulations affect you?

What are the shared rights for leave with a child and how can I exercise these rights?

What rights do you have when adopting?

Where can employers find advice?

What about part-time workers – do all the rights apply to them?

What is the procedure for claiming such rights?