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Ashley Le-Core


Ashley Le Core has worked in family law for around 11 years and has been a qualified solicitor for 6 years. He has expertise in all aspects of family law, including divorce and finances upon divorce, separation, children matters and domestic violence injunctions, and TOLATA claims.

Ashley undertakes all areas of family law, including Children, Divorce, Relationship breakdown outside of marriage and Injunctions. In 2020, Ashley has handled a significant amount of children matters due the pandemic and the strains it has put on families generally.

Ashley has also add some high net worth matters in 2020 during the pandemic, which have concluded with favourable outcomes for the clients.

Ashley undertakes this work on a day-to-day basis for his clients and is fully committed to this area of family law and is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Ashley’s expertise extends to relocation applications, where a parent may wish to relocate to another country with their child or children. These are specialised applications and Ashley can assist parents if agreement cannot be reached.

Recent 2020 case study - "I was instructed initially by a gentleman who came to me with a matrimonial matter where his marriage had unfortunately broken down. This matter quickly changed in to a divorce, child arrangements dispute and a domestic violence injunction matter. The parties were at complete opposites in relation to all of their positions and the gentleman needed guidance throughout this period, especially during the 2020 Covid pandemic. Significant work was done on an urgent basis in relation to defending the injunction in relation to domestic abuse, seeking to obtain regular contact between the father and his three children and indeed steering him through a divorce which was becoming exceptionally difficult. At the conclusion of the matter, given the change in circumstances throughout, the children were placed in the father’s primary care, the injunction was withdrawn by the wife and the divorce concluded with an amicable financial agreement. Cases do not often start so aggressively where the parties are so at the complete opposites and then end in such an amicable manner, so it was an excellent outcome all round, for all parties, but specifically the husband who was staring at some extremely significant allegations being made and no time with his children, to having them with him, full time and an excellent outcome at the end of the divorce and finance proceedings."

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What Ashley says:

“I undertook my LLB Law Degree at the University of Hertfordshire and then subsequently completed my Legal Practice Course in the University of Law in Bloomsbury. I have always been very interested in family law and focused on this from an early stage of my career. My aim is to work with clients to give them the greatest opportunity of securing a favourable outcome.

In 2015, I was shortlisted to the final three of the ‘Kent Law Society Junior Lawyer of the Year’ which was a tremendous honour. To be recognised over the entirety of Kent for such an award was very humbling and I was thrilled that my work had been recognised.

I dedicate time undertaking pro-bono work at local domestic violence one stop shops, alongside talks at Universities and organisations such as ‘Choices’ and Maidstone County Council. With this work I enable people with limited means to obtain valuable legal advice.

I have a particular interest in children disputes. Much of my case load involves assisting families that have broken down to ensure arrangements regarding the children are dealt with in a respectful and calm manner. These matters can be very upsetting for the families and I take special interest ensuring that the outcome is what is best for the children and family as a whole. I have undertaken this type of work for a substantial time often attending Court myself. Representing my client at court hearings means they have the same person dealing with all aspects of their matter. This can help the clients feel reassured that I know all aspects of their case and of course only have their best interests at heart.

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music and attending concerts. I greatly enjoy the cinema and keeping up with the latest films. I also enjoy sports, including rugby, Formula 1, football and tennis. I very much enjoy spending time with my family, friends and wife and enjoy socialising and taking part in different events.”

If I were not a lawyer, I would be...

A teacher. I am quite confident in speaking to groups of people and like knowing that I have been able to pass knowledge on. I think I have quite a good sense of humour also and can engage with people well, so I feel these skills would translate well into teaching.

If I were stranded on a desert Island and could take three pieces of music, or books or films with me, I would take one of each and they would be...

Music – Limp Bizkit – Hot Dog Flavoured Water album. This was a massive part of my start of really enjoying and liking music that wasn’t what I had heard at home. My parents love funk and soul, as do I, but this opened my mind to the fact that there are various types of music and that actually, I am a fan of all types. My music types are incredibly varied, from an earth wind and fire album, to a movie soundtrack, to some of the heaviest metal music one is likely to hear. Music is a huge part of who I am.

Book – Darkly Dreaming Dexter. When travelling to my LPC at the University of College, I came across the dexter series and this book instantly hooked me in. An incredible story with a great spin on a serial killer theme that was brilliantly adapted to an excellent TV show, ‘Dexter’.

Movie – The Matrix. An important movie in the history of film and whilst not an acting masterpiece, the theme of the movie, what it makes you think about and simply how clever that theme is, makes it my favourite film of all time.

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